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When the cool weather sets in, it’s time to schedule an annual chimney sweep. Keeping your chimney and fireplace clean and free of debris is a matter of safety, for you and your loved ones. My specialty is inspecting and cleaning your fireplace, with an eye toward safety at all times.

Peace of Mind

As a certified firefighter for almost a decade, I’ve seen the devastation caused by fires.  I am committed to serving my community through fire prevention, and that’s why I became one of the only CSIA certified chimney sweeps in the Tallahassee area. The fact is, proper maintenance and cleaning can prevent the majority of fireplace-ignited fires, and a simple cleaning can provide you peace of mind and safety, today.


Leaving residue from the heating season in your chimney flue actually wears out your masonry faster and increases the likelihood of costly repairs. Soot and water make acids that deteriorate mortar joints. The process is slow, but leaving soot in the chimney during the spring and summer months will expose your masonry and flue to the corrosive build-up. Having your chimney swept annually decreases the likelihood that you’ll need expensive repairs.

My Promise

I’ll treat your home like it’s my own, protecting your property and making sure your home is just as clean as I found it. I lay down tarps and install a vacuum system to efficiently remove debris and soot, and personally guarantee your satisfaction with my service.

Luke Gray

– Luke Gray, Owner

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